Tuesday, March 13, 2007

It's Plum.

I did it. I made a hat.

And I took an ironic picture of myself reading a book on decorating. Get it? On a blog called No More Decorators? Har har. Ugh. I could really use some sleep, in case you couldn't tell. Would you believe I didn't notice the connection until I uploaded the photo and happened to clue in? Yeah. It's been a long day.

This project was considerably harder than my mini scarf, but I am still really happy with it. Next up? Another scarf! Hey, I might as well solidify these skills while I can. Maybe someday my knitted goods won't be lumpy and oddly shaped. A girl can dream.

Lumpiness aside, things could be worse.

I have a new gig with some great songwriters.

I went to The Gym again without prompting, and managed not to murder the stereo in all its loud, prog rock commercial glory.

I did sit-ups. Many! I may have developed an ab! I am told this is a muscle of sorts. Like a deltoid, but shorter to type. And it lives on your tummy. I do not know where the deltoid lives, but with a name like that, it could be outer space.

I made a chard, tofu and miso soup.

I purchased some under-the-bed storage bins to store things under the bed. This excites me more than I should admit. Think of the organizational possibilities!!!*

And I made big plans to go to bed early, which I hope to keep. This Daylight Saving Time thing is killing me. Imagine your clock saying it's 5:30 am when your body says it's 4:30 am. Yeah... It makes you want to die a bit.

Off to eat some of that soup and knit some of that scarf.

*Okay, don't. But don't blame me when you run out of room and wish more than anything that you had purchased some sexy under-the-bed storage bins at Canadian Tire with your father that day. That day when the sales guy asked your dad if he had any questions, to which your dad asked for the meaning of life. And then the sales guy said "Uhhhh...." and laughed, and your dad laughed, and you blushed like a big red beet. Because your dear dad? He does this a lot.


Jo Stockton said...

Oh, that is such a Dad at Canadian Tire kind of thing to do!

Andrea SK said...

I know. He was totally in Dad at Canadian Tire mode. He kept walking around saying, "Did I tell you this is my favourite store? Well, it is. This store. It's my favourite."

So cute.

Anonymous said...

Your dad is funny. :)

In 2 weeks, I'll be with my dad in Paris (I'M GOING TO PARIS!!!) and I can just imagine him wandering around trying to speak with a French accent... >_<


Andrea SK said...

That's exactly what MY dad did when we were in Paris. So, of course, your dad will probably do something identical.


Marie-Adèle said...

Oh god, can you imagine our parents in Paris together? 0_0