Tuesday, March 06, 2007

Maybe India Will Be +40

It was -40 today.

I'm not really okay with that. When I walked out of my house this morning and the wind blew, my whole body hurt. By the time I got to work, the window next to my desk actually had a sheet of ice on it. On the inside of the building.

But instead of whining, I'll focus on the good stuff. The stuff that doesn't involve skin freezing and brain aching.

  • I made killer matso ball soup last night. Spicy, salty, veggie-filled, and matsolicious. I would recommend veggie Jewish cuisine to anyone who doesn't mind poking around in matso meal and grating the occasional potato.
  • I broke my personal squishy fitness record - half an hour on the elliptical machine, at a difficult setting. When I started going to The Gym, I was winded at ten minutes. Woot! Cheers to me and my courageous lungs.
  • I wandered down to the canal with my Better Half with good, healthy intentions. We proceeded to spend five dollars on Beaver Tails, only to find five dollars on the ice a few minutes later (!) We walked, took pictures, and stuffed ourselves silly.
  • I discovered that, instead of stressing out about writing three new songs for the album, I could just sift through my old books of lyrics. Lo and behold, I found three pretty rad songs that I had forgotten existed. Now I just need to record them. I'm amazed. Sometimes I can't even imagine what it will be like to have a finished copy of the album in my wee little hands.

Back to the masto ball soup. I need to brace myself for heading out in the cold again. If I don't return, please water my plants.


Anonymous said...

Oh darling, you could pull out "Beside You" and it would be awesome.

Yes, that's right - I still have the tape.

love Shawna

Andrea SK said...

WHOAH, that must be an antique by now, no? My dearest BH has some recipes for you. We just have to remember to send them.


Anonymous said...

Send them! Add the matzo ball soup... just minus the spice...