Thursday, March 01, 2007

Night Off

Hoo boy. Knitting got hard. My Better Half is downstairs making a beautiful spelt chocolate cake, and I am upstairs swearing at my yarn.

But hey, my first knitting project went pretty smoothly, so it only makes sense that I would mess it up now. I've torn it out ten times so far, and I don't see why I should stop there. Go big or go home. My knitting teacher would cry... She is firmly against tearing apart knitting. I find it to be brilliant stress therapy. I would have torn out more knitting in yesterday's class if I had not a. drank two glasses of wine directly before arriving and b. was therefore paranoid that she would notice me drunkenly tearing at my needles and make me stop.

My newest copy of Venus magazine arrived yesterday in the mail, and it is full of the usual awesomeness. Some Lily Allen, some CocoRosie, and an article on punk rock yoga. It's like someone thought up a magazine just for me! A nice March pick-me-up.

I think tonight will be spent reading, eating, and renting a movie with my sweetheart. Oh MAN it feels good to have a night off. But there is a catch. I have been banned from eating the chocolate cake, because my BH is making it for a fundraiser to fight violence against women. A noble cause. I support and admire him. But it doesn't make it any less torturous to watch that beautiful creation leave the house untouched.

Ooooooh, painful.


Anonymous said...

Next time, tell him to make TWO cakes! Then everyone will be happy! :D

Good for you with the knitting! (the KNITTING, not the tearing out!) What are you making?


Andrea SK said...

I think I am making a hat... But I could also be making a big ball of messy yarn.

I will post pictures when it resembles something functional!


Anonymous said...

ALWAYS make two cakes.