Saturday, March 03, 2007

As It Turns Out

As it turns out, I have a gig tonight. You know those weeks when everything is a blur and you can barely remember to put your pants on? This has been one of them. Should be an interesting show though, and I am really excited to play at the Avant Garde. And I will be wearing pants!*

In other news, we've been hit with a whole lotta winter in the past couple of days.

Very pretty from the inside, but very unpleasant when you are driving/walking/sliding in it. Last night I was driving in it. Well, mostly just spinning my tires, but eventually there was some driving. My Better Half and I had to go drop off his stunning cake to the "baked by men" bake sale. Inside, he was accosted by a CBC radio dude who wanted to know if his friends thought it was weird that he baked. My BH answered, "Well, if they do, too bad. Then they won't be getting any sweets."

I wonder what the CBC guy would think if we told him my BH can out-knit me ten times over.

Off to make some soup, tune the banjo and do a little dance.



Jo Stockton said...

That CBC guy was friend Micheal! He came to my house after he accosted the baking men and brought me chocolate lasagna. Our city shrinks daily.


Andrea SK said...

Ooooh, chocolate lasagna... I am envious!

I am also envious of Michael for getting to accost a bunch of attractive baking men. When I was at CBC I got to accost Anne McLelland. It's just not the same.