Sunday, April 22, 2007

2 Weeks

Well yesterday was.... Interesting.

I thought it was going to be hell after having the world's worst breakfast, which included waiting over an hour for (expensive) food, having the orders messed up, having our waitress completely ignore us, having the manager walk away mid-complaint, finding hairs in the eggs, toast that wasn't toasted and tasting hollandaise sauce that may or may not have been glue.

Of course, having eaten all of two bites of my food, I felt queasy AND hungry afterwards. Never again, anonymous restaurant in the Glebe.*

But then we had an uber-productive studio session where we wrapped up nearly all of our extra recording. I was floating when we were done; I think I've attached a bit too much stress to our studio progress as of late. No need anymore. We are actually almost finished.

When I arrived back home, my roomie Pam was preparing to barbecue a feast for her sweetie, who was asleep. I was also planning on barbecuing a feast for my sweetie, who was asleep. So we joined forces and did up a meal that made me forget my breakfast nightmare. Licks veggie burgers, Macedonian salad, tabouleh, grilled portobello mushrooms, grilled zucchini, skewered curried shrimp, and wine.

It was dreamy.

Today will also be really fun; I'm going to sing some harmony on my cousin's album. I didn't know he was my cousin until last month, when he sent me our family tree over Myspace. He's a musician too, and a good one at that. I had heard his music before and loved it, but didn't put two and two together at the time. He's Brian Simms. My cousin. As of last month.

Off to make some banana crepes. Can you believe I'm going to be in India in two weeks? Me neither.

*Okay, it's the Arrow and the Loon. I know! I've had perfectly decent snacks and beer there before, but I'm telling you, I've never had a worse breakfast experience in my life. To their credit they only charged us about 6$ for the food in the end, but then made us pay for the two $3 bills separately. How are they still in business?

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