Monday, April 02, 2007

And Then I Realized...

... I had a real job.

Me: I wonder if we'll have a lot of work left on Friday.

Co-worker: No. We don't work Friday.

Me: We, like "royal we"?

Co-worker: No, we like, "the whole office."

Me: Where are we going?

Co-worker: It's Good Friday. You know... Easter?

Me, squealing: WE GET GOOD FRIDAY OFF????

Co-worker: Um... Did you know we get Monday off too?



Tonight I hit a goldmine at Value Village. Look at these treasures!

Teacups! Oh man, they are all so pretty. I can't possibly put real tea in them. I would frame each one if I could.

Thrummed mittens for my Better Half! He stole my old ones, so I already know he likes them.

It's an eye! Or perhaps a strange silver basket? We'll never know. I can't even decide why I find it so appealing, but I love it.

And for the grand finale:

Pink leather shoes! What do you think... Should I wear them at the CD release party? I think they are especially well-suited to a banjo and a jean skirt. And some girly ass-kicking.

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