Sunday, April 01, 2007

There's Nothing Wrong.

Blogging, as a rule, should not be done drunk. Good thing I don't follow rules.

The lovely Ms. Stockton came to visit this evening, and we had only three goals in mind:

1. Drink.

2. Quilt.

3. Eat.

4. Drink.

So we got going, and may I just say - she is a fine teacher. As of tonight, I have constructed ONE WEE QUILT mostly by myself. Amazing. Truly. And see how lovely it is!

Yes. I stitched some of that. BY HAND. Or even more impressively, BY MACHINE. In between Mojitos and veggie spaghetti, I learned creative and precise techniques that I sincerely hope I will remember tomorrow.

Note her obvious knowledge and skill? Now picture me in the background, if you will:

"There's nothing wrong! Hahahahahahaha! What, this bumpy, loopy hole you see? It's nothing! Hahahahaha! Don't panic. Fuck."

No bother; it was all fixed, and we ended up with a cute little quilted block in the end. I have yet to decide where to put it. Somewhere impressive, obviously. Because who wouldn't be proud of something so adorable?

A wonderful night all around. It was great to learn quilting from someone who knows their shit, and even better, can fix mistakes before they get entirely out of hand.

Plus you know what else is great?

When you make Mojitos from a recipe you found on The Internet and you ignore the relatively low amount of recommended alcohol, the drinks get better! Ha HA!

Oh dear. I've clearly got to get myself asleep before I become convinced that attempting a room-sized quilt is wise and practical.

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