Friday, April 06, 2007


When I was in university, handing in an assignment late would land you an F. Actually, handing an assignment in with a spelling mistake would land you an F too, but that's another story. Both rules made me a bit obsessive with my work, and are probably the reason I can't proofread something without a delete button nearby, or a pen in hand to mark up a paper.

I digress. In the end, I became very good with deadlines. No matter what the workload, if you gave me a time and a date, it would be done for then. Maybe at the last minute, but done. I am thankful for this. Why?

Because I have four precious weeks to do a mountainload of stuff. I have to finish recording. I have to get the mixing done. I have to plan the mastering, which will be done while I'm away. I have to get a visa. I have to buy malaria pills. I have to claim the $400 worth of shots I got pumped into my arms last week. I have to buy the strongest sunscreen I can find. I have to collect rent cheques. I have to finish designing all the promo for the album. I have to fill out the contract for the CD release party. I have to play a gig in Wakefield. I have to go to work every day.

But I think, most of all, I have to drink a cup of tea RIGHT THIS SECOND. And then everything will seem so much more attainable.

Thanks for that, Internet. Just needed to vent a bit.

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