Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Hammond, Snaps, Double-Stops

What a strange night. It seems everyone had trouble sleeping except me. I heard my roomies wandering around about an hour before I woke up, and my Better Half didn't even get a wink of rest.

I lulled myself to bed by reading my Organic Housekeeping book. If anything, I think it kept me awake. Who knew dryer sheets were so toxic? Yuck. I'm dumping my stash the next time I do laundry.

My producer Dean put in an 11-hour day yesterday. I was at the studio from 5:30 to 10:30 filing down our list of chores. Can you tell we have a deadline? The talented Dave Gaudet stopped by to add some harmonies, and I got to play a Hammond organ on one of the tracks. Dean hauled out his old Leslie amp and showed me how the spinning speaker gives it its distinct sound. So cool. So geeky. We nearly blew the roof off the studio. That thing is deafening.

But slowly, we are getting it done. Rozalind MacPhail came by last weekend to add some extra flute. We collected finger snaps by forcing a guest into the booth (thanks Will!). Andi came by and did some wicked double-stops on the violin. It's coming together.

Now I just need to buy that freaking visa and some malaria pills. Two and a half weeks folks, and I'm India-bound.

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