Thursday, April 19, 2007


I actually fell asleep in the studio last night. Right in front of Dean. He was saying something about his new favourite audio gear, I think.

Dean: So then I was like, 'Well then I'll buy the other pre-amp instead' and he was all, 'But this pre-amp has a much tighter sound' and I was like, 'Well, I'd prefer the Lunchbox over the Doozy' or something, but then I bought it off someone else anyway. And did you see this new program I'm using? You won't believe some of the things it does. It can loop your....

Andrea: Zzzzzzz....

Dean: Hello?

Jeez, sorry about that. I was there from 5-10:30 again, woefully neglecting my need for an early bedtime. We started off trying to fix up one of the songs and had completely re-recorded it in a whole new time signature by the time we were done for the night. I'm going to be in very bad form by the time I leave for India.

But there are far worse things than being holed up in the studio. And besides, if I prop myself upright and cover myself in a coat, it looks like I'm awake when I'm really napping.

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