Thursday, April 26, 2007

Pancake or Jellyfish?

This is a pancake I made that looks oddly and deliciously like a sea creature.

It didn't last long... Poor thing. Smother a cakey sea creature in yogurt and maple syrup and what do you get? Breakfast.

Some progress has been made on the album front. Literally, the front. We scrapped our original cover and made a whole new one today, in all of half an hour. The old cover was nice, but that was the problem. It was just "nice". It didn't really say anything to me. Call me picky, but if I'm going to nearly bankrupt myself releasing a CD, I'd better damn well like the cover.

And now I do. So much. I feel like it actually makes sense. And I feel like it actually suits the music. I would like very much to post it here for a sneak peak, but I want it to soak in a bit more first. Poor Darryl, my kind graphic designer and the brain behind my web site, was sick as a dog when I stopped by today. But between sneezing and groaning and shivering, we got it done. A new cover. How exciting.

As part of my quest not to get burned to a crisp in India, I bought some hardcore sunscreen and a dorky hat. I would post a picture of the hat here, but thank God my batteries are too low on my camera. The hat is actually very cute for wearing around Ottawa, but wearing it anywhere else would make me look like a tourist. Hell, I'm as white as a ghost and my skin reacts to the sun. Nobody in Mumbai will mistake me for a local anyway. I just hate being that tourist. The one with the tourist hat. The one I usually make fun of. Booo.

Buying sunscreen was a little more challenging. I was looking for something extreme, like 70 extreme. This stuff will have to protect my finicky skin as well as my tattoos, so it has to be strong. But there was a girl at the drug store that wanted, more than anything, to talk at me for half an hour. About everything. And she didn't even work there. I now know more about this girl's diet and skin type than I know about most of my friends, and I didn't even catch her name. She has tried self-tanners and she only likes one brand. She's a vegan. She has strong opinions about sunscreens. She studied in Africa. I think some people just love to talk. Even when their victim is walking slowly backwards with a glazed look in their eyes. Anyway, she was nice, and I guess it made the drug store a little less boring.

My Better Half is off tonight watching the hockey game on Elgin. I opted to stay here because I've developed a bad habit of never going out. Huh. I'm not sure I ever expected to become such a hermit. Studio, home, work. I should really get myself out to a show sometime soon.

Until then, I have a great book that wants to be read. For the millionth time. And it's still that good.


M-A said...

What is it with that book, anyway? Whenever I'm trying to list my top 3/5/however many favourite books, I usually forget it. Then, half an hour later, I think "Oh yeah, and THAT book." I read it once a year, on average.

Anonymous said...

ohhhh Neil.

I heard a rumour today that you're playing Bluesfest??

How was the Sheep show?

Where are you?

I miss you.



Andrea SK said...

I am? Hmmm...

As far as I know, I'm not playing Bluesfest. Unless I have a secret other personality who applied for me. And neglected to send me a note.

The Sheep show was great. God I love Wakefield.

I am here! In Ottawa! Soon I will be in Mumbai!

M-A: I know... what is with that book? How do I not get tired of it?