Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Said Chloé

It's my Better Half's birthday and I'm ready to party. Not that we're really having a party. And he's writing exams until 10pm anyway. But, in principle, I AM READY TO PARTY IF ANYONE NEEDS ME TO.

I'll be in India for my birthday, in the name of tradition. The tradition of being out of town on my birthday. I do it every year. Not that I really mean to, but mid-May is just a good time to travel. Plus, last time I was in town on my birthday, I crawled home. Surprisingly, having everyone you know buy you shots is not as fun as it sounds.

Besides, after that much drink I'm not much use for normal and calm conversation. On the birthday in question, I distinctly remember having a heated discussion with an intern from Washington about how to pick up women. He kept referring to my friend as "said Chloé." I suggested that maybe he drop the legal jargon if he wanted a woman to be anything but his law buddy. He may as well have been sweet-talking his textbook.

It was a long night.

So, on the topic of birthdays and India, I've decided to buy a new camera for the trip. Many people have recommended the Canon Powershot to me, and I've been drooling over this model for a while. Has anyone tried it? Camera tips, anybody?


Marie-Adèle said...

Yay for birthdays away! The last time I celebrated my birthday at home was in... 1999. Since then I've celebrated it in San Francisco, Toronto, Vietnam, Arkansas, Romania, Newfoundland and Tokyo. This year I'll probably be in Canada, but I'll try to be nowhere near Aylmer. :)

Andrea SK said...

Jeez... Nice job! Come to think of it, you ARE always away on your birthday!

Hope to see you in Canada again soon.... Maybe I'll aim to be in Tokyo for my birthday next year!