Friday, May 11, 2007

Indian Soap Operas

Oh my.

Who would have thought that finding an internet cafe would be such a trial? Even now, I am camped out in a college computer lab while en route to a restaurant. I should have a stable computer connection by next week, hopefully. Until then, brevity is the word of the hour.

India is beautiful, and insane. People at all hours, squalid poverty, lavish wealth, extreme heat, extreme air conditioning... Any contradiction you could imagine is here. And every ad on tv seems to be for a skin-whitening cream, if you can believe it. Ugh.

Still, it gives me a perspective that I'd be hard-pressed to find anywhere else. I have had to reconfigure my brain to get around the no actual showers / toilets / proper windows thing, for one. I am also slowly getting used to being gawked at when I walk down the street, and at being ripped off when I try to buy anything. Hell, I am pale by Canadian standards. I freaking glow in the dark here. I have gone from being an average gal with a decent job back home to being the rich white girl. Very, very interesting.

It has its benefits though. The other night, our waiter overheard that my BH and I were Canadian, and came over speaking perfect French. A totally welcome surprise. People are also generous and helpful, and cars seem to slow down more often for me when they wheel murderously around corners. (Traffic lights and stop signs are "suggestions" here, not laws) At any rate, I am having a great time, and I have yet to get sick.

Oh, and I've become addicted to Indian soap operas. I don't even know what the characters are saying. The one time I asked my BH for the plot, I was so disappointed that I decided never to ask again. Nobody wants to hear that the protagonist has run out of toothpaste when you thought they were having a torrid love affair.

More soon, I hope!


M-A said...

Happy birthday, you! *hugs*

Sounds like your having a blast. What I want to know is, do they sing in the soap operas too, or is that just for the movies?

M-A said...

Ok, apparently my grammar has gone on strike.

Sounds like YOU'RE having a blast!

Andrea SK said...

Thanks for the birthday wishes!

Sadly there is no singing in the soap operas, although that would make it even more intriguing (and confusing!).

Current plot lines:

- Husband pretending to be crazy to make his wife leave him. His nephew knows his little secret.
- Woman stole other woman's money that was being held for love interest so he could start a business. Woman tries to get a loan and is asked for sex in return (scandalous!).
- Wife who was in jail emerges to find her two kidnapped children in the care of their father, who was the same person who put her in jail so he could re-marry. She break in and trails blood all over his mansion.