Sunday, May 06, 2007

Made It

Well folks, I made it. I have already:

1. Seen a cockroach.
2. Had an allergic reaction to something unknown.
3. Gotten a bug bite on my ass.
4. Not slept since I arrived.

But this city is amazing. And oh my god, THE FOOD. I ate a "spicy" dish and barely blinked, so I am feeling pretty good about my chances. The chai here is incredible - lemongrass, mint and black tea mixed with sugar and milk. Drool-worthy. My Better Half's family is great, and it looks like we might make it to beautiful Goa after all.

And they weren't lying about the heat. It's so humid here you could cut the air with a knife. You know the best part? I kinda enjoy it. My poor BH though... He's a little warm, to say the least.

More soon when internet time is not so precarious.

1 comment:

M-A said...

Yay, you made it!

Mmm, chai...