Thursday, May 03, 2007

Next Post: Mumbai

You would think that because it is the night before I leave, and because I have yet to pack or properly prepare, I would be running around like a crazed elf right about now.*

Instead, I am hanging laundry out on the line, eating entire containers of cherry tomatoes, and playing with my new camera. I am doing this all very slowly. I might as well be dragging myself around the backyard.

I think I might be trying to savour the moment. I would like to enjoy the cool weather, sunshine and comfort of my home before I go spend a month in new territory. I am about 90% homebody and 10% world explorer, despite the fact that I have traveled quite a bit. I love to travel. I also love to come back to my bed and feel happy that I live where I do. It's just my thing.

Besides. The past few days have been nutso. And instead of whining, which would be pretty easy right about now, I will enjoy the good stuff. There's a lot of it.

For example, I get to eat real Indian food for one whole month. I freaking LOVE Indian food. I could come back twenty pounds heavier and still be happy about it. I could burn my taste buds to crap and still enjoy it. Bring. It. On.

I'll be updating the blog while I'm away, likely from some steaming hot internet cafe on the streets of Mumbai. I hope I can post pictures. Then you can see my adorable heat rash. (I get those in hot climates. Reeeeally nice.)

So tah for now, folks. Happy May!

PS, I'll leave you with some, ahem, experimental pictures from the day I got my new camera.

*I envision this to be a wild, blond-and-drunken-Orlando-Bloom kinda crazed. Mmmmm.


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Anonymous said...

Bon Voyage, lovelies.

I'm so happy you won't get malaria now.

love Shawna