Wednesday, June 13, 2007

I Vote for Sleeping

I haven't been writing about music lately because, well, I pretty much took the month off. Spending most of the year in the studio made me want to flush out my ears and start from scratch again. After hearing the album hundreds of times, I think I owe myself a little breather.

That said, I'm starting up again next week, when Dean and I finalize the mixing and then move on to mastering at Bova Sound. One extra week to finish the graphics, and we're off to the manufacturers. What a process.

While the CDs are getting pressed, I'll be putting together a band for the CD release this fall (Sept. 22nd, please come!) and rehearsing the pee out of them.* I don't think I'll be playing a lot of shows in between, because honestly, I want to save my energy for the release. I've booked a couple of small concerts that I'll be posting on my website soon, but otherwise it will be a low-key summer.

I will also be selling tickets for the show throughout the next few months. If you're interested, they are $15, and you get a free copy of the album at the door with each ticket. So basically, you are just paying for the CD. Hopefully not a bad deal. Not to mention the fact that you get an evening of pampering and tunes at the NAC Fourth Stage, nece-pas? And if I get up the nerve, I'll be wearing pink heels. Which also means you'll get to see me fall off the stage.

But I have to wonder... What the hell am I going to do with myself after the CD release is done? Wallow in debt? Sleep for a week? Drink a couple bottles of wine and call it a night?

Perhaps. Suggestions welcome.

*Eew, I don't know why I wrote that. Gross, Andrea.

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