Sunday, June 10, 2007

Mad Skills

Aside from the very thin strip of sunburn I got between where the sunscreen ended and my shirt started (hello low-cut top!), yesterday was an ideal summer Saturday.

My Better Half and I stopped into Westfest to spend the afternoon enjoying the festivities. It's amazing to see how successful it has become over the past few years... I remember playing the first Westfest when I could still count everyone in the audience. Now I get lost in the sea of people and have to dive into my new favourite store for some peace and quiet.

Speaking of which, I have found a store that taps directly into my most obsessive organizational qualities. I want to marry this store, and that's saying something.

Until yesterday, I was actually afraid to go into this shop for fear of what it would do to my logical and miserly brain. I applaud my caution. This store is every organizational nut's dream / nightmare. Swiveling tie racks. Shirt hangers that lower themselves to meet you. Drawers with oodles of little compartments. Hidden shelves. Drool, drool, drool. If I am ever rich, I will seek out the services of this store. For now, I will just re-fold my clothes again and again.

Aside from the beauty of California Closets, the festival was awesome. So much amazing local talent, and so much good food. We even got to witness a large-scale water fight backstage, and managed not to get hit.

Later in the evening, we threw a BBQ to celebrate nothing in particular. Not wanting to be too conventional, we had a hoola hooping contest, which I totally bombed. The reigning champ?

Heather. She can even hoola hoop using her neck, or while drinking wine. This girl has mad skills!

Today the beau and I are heading to a small town halfway to Montreal for an engagement party (not our own, for the love of God!). I plan to drink too much and make too much noise, which is a goal I'm sure I can reach.

Happy Sunday!


Will said...

Nobody comments on your posts anymore, so I will. You're a huge nerd. Though I do wish my drawers had compartments, if you know what I mean.

Andrea SK said...

So you could compartmentalize your audio gear? Nerdy nerd?

Heather said...

Geez, I look like a freak in that last picture!

Andrea SK said...

A victorious, terribly good-looking freak.