Monday, July 23, 2007


Things that I hate to see while riding my bike:

An Asshole in an Audi* dropping kleenex out of his window.

Dude, if you expect me to believe it "accidentally" flew out of your hand, then I expect you to believe that I wasn't this close to pouring the contents of my water bottle through your window.

And actually, you're probably lucky that I was biking too quickly to stop, because I occasionally do really stupid things.

Things I love to see while riding my bike:

A little boy, dressed all in yellow, riding a yellow bike down a quiet street. He looked like a little bee.

Boy, waving: Hello!

Me: Hi!

Boy: I got a Caterpillar bike.

Me: Lucky you!

Boy: Bye!

*I'm not saying that all Audi owners are assholes. In fact, in the early years of our relationship, my Better Half owned a very old Audi coupe. It was made the same year I was born. It cost him about four times the amount he paid for it in repairs. We drove it to the Maritimes and it never broke down. And you can bet we never threw our litter out its windows.

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