Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Spider Webs

When I am abnormally stressed out, there is only so long I can take it until I have a full-blown meltdown. This manifests itself in a variety of ways, but can include:

a. hyperventilation

b. getting teary-eyed when watching cheesy, corporate commercials

c. bawling

d. making enough food to feed an army when I only need a single serving

e. flying off the handle at nothing in particular

f. becoming fixated on doing sit-ups (I am terrible at doing sit-ups)

g. dying my hair

I didn't do all of those things yesterday, because my hair is still the same colour. But meltdown time came and went, and as such, I have taken part of the day off work to study and relax. I have only been home for half an hour, and I've already had several useful thoughts.

Thought #1:

"Since you are bad at French verbs, it would make sense to focus on the stuff you are good at. French verbs weren't built in a day. Uh."

Thought #2:

"You're home for the day! You can take a nap!"

Thought #3:

"Why did that spider spend all night making a huge web right across the front door? Now you either have to destroy the web, or you have to go out the side door until somebody else does. Booo."

Thought #4:

"You may be stressed out about money now, but when your CD release party is done, you'll be able to catch up on your payments. And hey, that's only a month and a half away. Sweet!"

Thought #5:

"I love kale."

Man, I really do love kale. Off to nap, and then to study.

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a. and j. said...

Everyone needs a 'mental health' day once in a while. I hope that you where able to relax, breath and nap.