Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Crazy Stir Fry

I was inundated with e-mails today from people who heard one of my songs on CBC Radio's All In A Day.

Man, I love the CBC. They know how to make a gal feel special. Especially after I opened my credit card bill yesterday. Holy hell. I swear I will never open another bill again. It's like that time I opened a package of tofu that said it was four months expired. I just wanted to be sure. I still don't know what compelled me to do that, but I will never open expired food again. Same goes with you, Mastercard!

And now, after an evening of Apples to Apples by candlelight (the thunderstorm knocked out the power at the house we were visiting), I am drained. I stopped being witty by the end of the game, although I did get in a good zing when my Better Half started heckling me. He proceeded to pull out a card that read "Hostile," and I used my last drop of brain power to put down the card that read "My love life."

Ooooh, we laughed.

Anyhoo. My bed beckons. I will dream of hostile apples and CBC tofu. That is one crazy stir fry.

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