Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Get Thee A Ticket

Another rehearsal is in the bag, and I am finally feeling a little more relaxed about the CD release party. I feel this way for several reasons, but mostly because:

I have a wicked, awesome group of dudes playing in the band.

(Above, Brian squealed "I have to fix my hair!" You can guess which one he is.)

I have a lovely banjo that I would love to introduce to everyone.

And after doing the math, I realized that I only have 17 more tickets left for the show. That doesn't include the batch I dropped off at Compact Music, and that doesn't include the handful of tickets at the NAC box office, but overall? Sales have suddenly picked up. And that means I don't have to worry about playing a show with only my folks in the audience, and with my dad, inevitably, taping everything on his 1980s-era camcorder.

On the other hand, this makes me a bit nervous for those folks who don't have tickets yet. To you I say: Get thee to Compact Music before mine tickets become extinctified! I would love for all you beautiful babes to join in the festivities.


Anonymous said...

AHH!!! Only 17 tickets left I'll have to hurry and get one.

Anonymous said...


You have one set aside for me right?


Andrea SK said...

But of course....