Wednesday, August 01, 2007

Like a Drunken Donkey

It's August. How did it come to be August so quickly?

I am scrambling a bit this week to meet a bunch of deadlines that came up, like August, a little too fast. Submitting ads. Promotion. Selling things. More money on the card. You know the drill. As much as I tend to get freaked out about the whole process, I know that this is just part of being an independent musician. Independent music isn't supposed to be easy. It's supposed to be a lot of work. So I'll just go with it. And bitch about it every now and then.

Interestingly, but perhaps not surprisingly, my wine consumption has gone up considerably since the start of the whole recording process. As such, I was thrilled when my former history professor (who taught me Social History of Alcohol*, among many other things) invited me over to catch up and buy a CD. As a professional wine reviewer, he had about fifty bottles of good wine scattered around his house. Clearly he needed some help. How can he function with so much deliciousness around?

No problemo, says I. It was a good night. And he bought two tickets to the CD release party, which is charging towards me like a drunken donkey.

I also finished the last Harry Potter book. I would love to talk and talk and talk about it, but I can't. It was a wild ride. I sympathise with Jo in her very un-spoiler-type musings. Still, I was still hooked. I read through my lunch break yesterday and forgot to eat. Me forgetting to eat is like me forgetting to shower. Forgetting to shower for a month. It doesn't happen. I can't wait until they release a snazzy box set of the books. I have been borrowing copies since they started coming out, and I figure a box set is a good investment. I'm curious what J.K. Rowling's writing will be like in the future. I guess I'll know sooner or later.

Off to meet those deadlines. Cheers.

* Yes, this course exists. And it's not a bird course either. I wrote riveting paper on the role of maternalism during the gin craze in the 1700s. I tell ya, I still miss my history classes.

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M-A said...

Borrowed Harry Potter? Noooo! I was hoping you'd lend me your copy while I was back home. Damn, I guess I'll have to find someone else who has it. :)