Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Yay Venus!

I arrived home from work to the most wonderful surprise ever. Yes, my Organize magazine has arrived, but believe it or not, this is even cooler. I think I have mentioned, albeit briefly, that I would have some promo appearing in an exciting publication.

That was a bit of an understatement.

Sometime last winter, during one of those long nights at the studio, I decided that although it would make me broke, I wanted to put an ad in a magazine. A good magazine. Because, and you've heard this before, why go to all the trouble and spend all that money if my album never leaves the four block radius of my house? I would like, if possible, for more people to hear it than my parents. I love my parents, but you see my problem.

So I bought an ad in Venus magazine, which is a magazine I am happily subscribed to, and read ravenously, cover to cover, with each issue. Combine feminism, fashion and my favourite bands in a magazine? You get Venus.

I didn't want to go on about it, because things often go wrong with expensive projects like this. At least, things have gone very wrong for me in the past when I needed them to go right. They went very, very wrong. So, I didn't really talk about it much, in case my ad got burned in a terrible mailbox fire or my money turned into a baby duck when it arrived at Venus headquarters. God I hate that.

But here is the end result. Along with my invoice, some lovely soul at Venus ripped off the page with my ad and sent it to me.

Below fricking Iron and Wine, who I love. LOVE. I can barely believe my eyes. Thanks Venus! You guys rock.

And then, as though things couldn't possibly get better, I randomly thought to put cinnamon on my spelt toast with honey.

I'm not sure how something so delicious could have escaped my imagination for all these years. Now all I need is for my Better Half to come down the stairs wearing nothing but a smile, and I'll explode with happiness so hardcore that you'll be scraping me off the rafters.

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Jo Stockton said...

The ad looks great! Perfect choice of publication for it to be in.

(that last sentence has questionable word order)