Tuesday, August 21, 2007

High Brow

Tonight was Band Rehearsal Night, which is awesome, because I was getting hella nervous about the fact that there is only a month left until the CD release party.

The rehearsal went really well, and we bowled through four songs in an hour and a half. We weren't half assed about it either. We actually worked. I tend to avoid rehearsal out of habit, but I think I could be swayed if it's always like this. Brian Simms, my long lost cousin who found me over Myspace (I kid you not) was a dream to work with. Harmony just flew out of him, and he plays guitar with enviable ease. Dean Watson, my producer extraordinaire, was equally slick on mandolin. And is there ever anything bad to say about Jeff Gleeson? No sir. That boy knows his bass. Our drums were supplied via tape recorder, because we're cool like that.

So now I have to get posters up, write a press release, and I'm good to go. It's times like these where I'm glad I'm only working one job.

And may I just say YAY! I got word that my good friend Shawna is going to make the trek from Toronto to come see the show (we were in grade 3 together, or at least, a 2/3 split class, which is even better, or at least, more split in half). Having old friends in the audience is an extreme confidence booster, I've learned. It will feel like we're cozied up in Rasputin's again, except it will be the NAC, and we'll be making jokes about how high brow we feel. And there will be no cake.

I should really look into that. Is it possible to have a CD release party without cake? Also, if it's possible, is it recommended? Because that sounds very wrong to me.

Tomorrow is my second last day at the office I have known for over three and a half years. I'll be running on air by Thursday.

Night folks.


Anonymous said...

Oh my goodness...I'm in your blog...and as a LINK.

While whipping out my credit card so quickly after learning VIA's discount deal to Ottawa had been extended terrified me, I know it's the right thing. I can't wait to see you!

We'll figure out a way to have cake. I also wondered how a cakeless CD release (errrrr...day?) could be possible.


Lesley Hoyles said...

Okay, the suspense is killing me - what's the new job you're going to?
Also, I'm :( that I can't also come to Ottawa for the release, but September is AGM month, a.k.a. Hell month, and therefore I must remain sequestered in T-dot.
Also also, can I buy a copy of your CD now? Or are you not selling them until the release?

L. xo.