Monday, August 13, 2007

You're Fit

I have been sleeping really, really badly. Here's hoping that I get to bed sometime before 1 am tonight. I don't function well on four hours of sleep. Things get all fuzzy and I start speaking in tongues.

Maybe it's my lack of sleep speaking, but lately I've been thinking more and more about needing a car. Of course, I don't need a car. I would like one. It's odd, because I'm not really a huge fan of cars. I enjoy taking the bus, and I live centrally enough that I can walk to wherever I need to go.

But damn. It would be nice to do certain things - car things - every now and then. It would be cool not to have to borrow my parents' car when I'm invited to a wedding. I'd like to be able to go to Montreal at a moment's notice, which I used to do when I was lucky enough to have a valid student ID and could afford the bus ride. I'd like to get into cross country skiing this winter, but I'm not about to walk or bus myself over to Gatineau with skis in tow. Nor am I going to get in the habit of mooching a ride, because after the third or so time, I feel like an ass. Plus, although I've been busing my guitar to gigs for years, the banjo complicates things. I can't carry my heavy hard case, plus my guitar and gig bag, plus my backpack on the OC Transpo. I know this because I've tried.

And still, I can't afford to even consider a car these days. It's a pipe dream that looks and feels like a wee Honda Fit. A tasty, pretty little Honda Fit that comes when I call. Le sigh.

On an unrelated technical note (feel free to tune out, if you don't want to delve into RSS blathering):

I've heard plenty about the handiness of RSS readers. All I know is that they allow you to subscribe to your favourite blogs, and can check them all at once, like the way you might check your e-mail. This was very appealing to me, since I am attached to a large number of blogs, and I like to check them frequently.

I signed up to Google Reader, but I'm not sold. You get the text, sure, but there's something not so satisfying about black-on-white, boring-on-boring posts. You don't get the colour or the design of the actual blog, which I find really adds to the entries. Also, the reader cuts off pictures that are unusual sizes, and I've given up looking at web comics through Google Reader as a result.

Does anyone else use a reader program? Maybe I should try Bloglines? I think I'm going back to clicking through the masses otherwise.


Tiana said...

I read my feeds through livejournal since I have a journal on the site.

Some of them shows he full entry (like yours for instance) and others only show a snippet to click through.

What I like about it is that I read them in the style I set up for my own journal (so I obviously think it looks good) and I don't need to click through all the sites to see if there is an update.

Andrea SK said...

Good suggestion... Thanks Tiana!

a. and j. said...

I used google reader at the moment. I agree about the black on white, but I wasn't sure what else it out there. If you find something good, please let me know.



Andrea SK said...

Will do!

Maybe I'll open a few accounts to compare.

Asteroidea Press said...

I like google reader. Inconspicuous at work (I have it as a widget on my iGoogle page), and then if I want, I can click on the blog name to see the layout and comments, etc.

Strangely enough, however, I got this link at my work email from a librarian named Meg.

Anonymous said...

I don't know about blog feeds...

But I did want to say I've always been shocked and impressed that you've survived in Ottawa so long without a car, even where you live.

If you had a car, you could sleep on my floor more, probably.

love from here.