Tuesday, August 14, 2007

El Groggy

I have a rule about naps.

On a work day, if I really need to nap, it can be for no longer than an hour. Otherwise I never get to bed again and become a bundle of nerves, counting, with each half hour, how much longer I have before I am supposed to wake up for work. It's a sucky situation at the best of times, especially since I get up at 5:30 am.*

I'm usually very good at setting my alarm, or my Better Half, to get me up in good time. I emerge groggy, but slightly less drained than I was before. I putter around for a bit, all confused and squeaky, until my housemate Fran sees me and laughs. She loves to catch me after a nap, and admittedly, it's pretty funny. I am hopelessly disoriented, and I repeat things. Badly.

Fran: Andrea?

Me: Andrea....

Fran: Are you sleepy?

Me: Sleepy....

Fran: Did you have a little nap?

Me: Nap....

Now it is 7:09 pm, and I remember crashing at 5 pm. Which means I am fucked. I won't get to bed before 1 am, so I will have a tidy four hours of sleep again. Why this needs to happen the week of a Cabinet shuffle is beyond me. I should be aiming for strategic zombiness. Instead I am in a constant state of "whaaa....?"

Hey, do you think an entire bottle of wine will put me to bed a bit earlier? Because that's what I choose to believe as of right now.

*Not for long! I got a new job. With normal people hours. And an in-house gym. Happy me!


Anonymous said...

New job?? Congratulations! Where?


Heather said...

As a professional napper, I recommend eating something immediately after you wake up from any nap that is longer than, say, half an hour or forty five minutes. Preferably protein. Wakes you right up. No groggy. Guaranteed.