Tuesday, September 04, 2007

Don't Panic

(Don't panic... This is a picture from a couple of years ago)

The bad mood is long since gone, and I actually made friends with the gravedigger. Now I am staring out at one of the loveliest sunny days I've seen in a while, and I'd better enjoy it, because September is finally here.

But man, I love fall. I like to layer my clothes, and since I'm cold all summer long anyways, it's not a huge shift for me. The smell of the air, the autumn sun, and that delicious harvest is enough to make me swoon. I've already picked up some butternut squash with the hopes of making a gigantic soup for my Better Half. I'm going to be moving on to pumpkin, swiss chard and corn soon too. I've finally gotten the hang of barbecuing corn, and I'm not sure I'll ever go back to boiling. Man, if you get it just right, and the corn caramelizes just a bit before it actually burns.... Ahhhhrghaaah.... So good.

I really hope there's at least one foodie out there who likes to hear about how I like to cook my corn, because otherwise I've just killed off my readership. I could talk about the beauty of a nice kale stir fry, if you prefer? No? Perhaps a tasty miso and mushroom gravy? Because I think I've nearly perfected that one.

But moving right along...

The album seems to be catching on, and it's getting played on regional CBC stations in BC and Alberta, as well as in Ontario and New Brunswick. This makes me very, very happy. It's pretty rewarding to know that people are actually hearing my little squishy baby album. I swear, when my friends start having babies and are carrying around pictures everywhere they go, I'll still be whipping out pictures of my banjo, cooing: "Don't you just hate changing strings? Oh, but you can see how happy they are when they're all clean and fresh..."

And speaking of beds (yeah, okay, I had no good segue for that one) I am getting rid of a nice double bed. It's a black metal frame and it comes with a mattress. I've had the extra bed for a few months now, and I'm out of storage space. Do YOU need a bed that's in good shape and free? Do you live in the Ottawa area? I don't want to bother selling it, I just want it to be used. If you'd like it, drop me a line: info (at) andreasimmskarp (dot) com.

I have a bit of time to kill before rehearsal, so I'm going to have a nice cup of jasmine tea, perhaps take a stroll, and prepare myself for the remainder of the week. The crazy, crazy week.

Two of my best friends are getting hitched this weekend, and my BH and I are MCs, as well as in the wedding party. This means I get to wear a sexy fuchsia silk dress with some sexy silvery high heels, and it also means that I have to refrain from drinking until after I'm done my duties. Because, people? You know that I don't perform well drunk. I seek out play structures and giant sheep, but I don't perform. I fall over. So Sober Andrea will be the responsible best buddy, she will not slur her words, she will be charming and funny, and she will sure as hell not get drunk as fuck (until the end of the night). I will try to take a half decent picture of my outfit, because it's not often that I break out the dressy clothes, even at a wedding.

Oh God. It just occurred to me that my dress matches my cell phone. This is either hilarious or terrible.


WHOAH! My album, Sleeper, was number 6 on the CHUO charts for the last week of August! Thanks CHUO!!


Anonymous said...

I'm not panicking...Fall is my favourite. And at least there isn't a giant whale sprawled across that lovely porch.

I don't mind hearing about food. Except that I want the recipes. And a barbeque. But that squash soup recipe would do fine.

That's so exciting that your record is all across the country. I hope to hear it on the ceebeecee over here soon. I wish you could be the theme song to that new random quiz show on TV that Brent Bambury is supposedly hosting...


a. and j. said...

I love the fall as well. I like wearing sweaters, not winter jackets. I wish Ottawa's fall was the new winter.

For your free bed and mattress, may I recommend to check out Ottawa Freecycle or Used Ottawa (free stuff). Maybe you will see someone who is in need of a bed. Students have now arrived in Ottawa for school, I'm sure that there must be one or two that could use a new bed.

Have a good day!

Andrea SK said...

Shawna: Hahaha, I can't get the image of a "porched" whale out of my head. I will make a point of posting a recipe or two. And yeah, what is up with this new show? I thought he was all done with TV?

A or J: Good suggestion. I will post on those sites for sure. Someone must need a decent free bed out there.