Monday, September 03, 2007

Backyard Grave

I was supposed to go help my Better Half's folks move some stuff around their house today, but me being in a supremely bitchy mood kinda spoiled that plan.

Not that I have much reason to be in a bad mood - I have a day off, and I'm finally going to see Superbad tonight.* Still. These things creep up on you when you least expect them. One minute I'm sleeping, and the next I'm growling at people.

It probably has something to do with the fact that I slept badly, and then couldn't get back to sleep because a shirtless man was digging a hole in my backyard. I was trying so hard to get that extra, crucial hour of sleep in, and all I could hear was whap, whap, whap, clunk. When I finally peeked out my window, this mystery man had dug a hole the size of a grave in my lawn. I have since been told that he is fixing a drainage problem by the back door, but fuck dude, why do you have to start at 7am? Once upon a time, I too worked at 7am. But those days are gone, and you have no business waking me up on a holiday to play with your pipes. Hear that? I said put down the shovel before I come out there and silence you.

Whew. Sorry about that. Apparently I needed to vent.

So, if I can get out of this funk, today will hopefully produce an organized bedroom and office, and maybe some freshly-bleached hair. If it produces even one of those things, I'll be happy. If it produces nothing, well, I suppose I could bake myself something sweet and watch a creepy French movie about a serial killer and a crazy heiress who fall in love. Oh wait, that was last night!

The best part is that I meant to rent Blades of Glory. No wonder waking up to a backyard grave creeped me out so badly.

*I went to the same summer camp as Seth Rogan. That's my claim to fame if music doesn't work out for me.

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