Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Keep Sleeping

I woke up with a sore throat this morning and decided hey, why not keep sleeping instead of letting your sick get the best of you? So I did keep sleeping, and I've had the world's most productive day as a result.

Fab things I did today:

1. Slept until 10:30. Woke up alert. Was amazed.

2. Drank tea. Reflected on Something Deep. Drank some more tea.

3. Re-newed my driver's license, which expired in May. I only noticed this recently when Heather was rummaging through my wallet and said "You know, you might want to have a valid license someday. So you can drive legally and go to bars."

4. Raked the lawn! Got tired, stopped halfway though.

5. Sat around in the backyard, soaking up the autumn.

6. Stopped by the OCFF office to give them CDs for their delegate bags. Chatted with staff about the conference. Got all excited.

7. Went over to Bova Sound to work out some mastering stuff. Played with their dog.

8. Started cleaning my mess of a bedroom.

And now I've even managed to squeeze a blog posting in there. I'm so impressed with my sick day, and my throat isn't even that sore anymore. God bless sleep. Since my Better Half is out and about this evening, I'll use the time to tackle the scary area under the bed, which I'm hoping will unearth my teddy bear's right eye, lost underwear, and some gold. Especially the gold.


Evey said...

I think that the "avoiding sick" day gets a bad rap. Those who take them are labeled as lazy and wussy, as opposed to those to march on through and sniffle at the desk next to you for weeks. Let's all take a minute to consider who gets the better deal...

Andrea SK said...

I know! Everybody wins with the "avoiding sick" day. Especially my driver's license.