Sunday, September 23, 2007

Good Things

What a crazy, wonderful night.

First, there was the gorgeous merch table.

I recommend this team of amazing people to any of you looking to have a great event. They're called STARFISH. They are killer organized. And they will set up a tree on your merch table if you so desire. They're good like that. My favourite creative events planners, hands down.

Have you ever seen such a pretty setup? I come from the land of loud bars with sticky floors. This was all a bit overwhelming for me. It was like switching to satin sheets after a lifetime of scratchy blankets.

Then there was the fact that I got to have a concert (That I rehearsed for! Real rehearsals!) in front of the best crowd, in the nicest venue, at the end of a lovely day.

I like that I got my old stage bantering skills back. I thought I had lost them from not playing a whole lot for the past two years. For the past few weeks, I kept telling the boys to play random songs in the background if I froze up and was unable to say anything witty. But no, I am still able to blather on like I used to, berating audience members and getting down with my bad self. In heels. Y'all are lucky I didn't tip right over onto someone's table with those things on.

For those of you who couldn't make it, I will let you in on my favourite part of the night. Dean informed me a couple of days ago that I had better get an encore song ready in case anyone shouted for more. I said I didn't think that would be a problem, because hey, people would be tired and they probably wouldn't want the set to be any longer. He gave me the Dean look of get-a-song-ready-or-you-will-feel-like-an-idiot. So I chose All Night Long by Lionel Ritchie. It was, hands down, my favourite cover song ever.

The amazing opening band, The Ethics:

And to top it off, the folks at the NAC Fourth Stage were super attentive, knowledgeable, and made the whole process easy. Kevin from The Ethics turned to me at one point and said "You know, I always get nervous before a gig... But after playing here, I realize that it's just the chaos that gets to me." I couldn't agree more.

So the concert is done with, and I woke up this morning to a lovely e-mail from someone in Kingston who saw me on Canada AM. Which, I think, is a national show. Did the Ottawa CTV give their piece to the national broadcaster? Because if they did, I will love them forever. Either way, I am one happy girl. I'm off to have a celebratory breakfast with my sweetheart, so happy Sunday, and thanks again for all your support!


Anonymous said...

Smashing success. More soon.

Now I'm leaving the valley.

love Shawna

Evey said...

Canada AM is indeed a national program. Congrats! :)

Laura said...

You were amazing my friend!

My success and happiness continue to fall on deserve it with all your hard work!


Andrea SK said...

Thanks guys. Much appreciated. Now I can start writing long posts about food again.