Thursday, September 20, 2007

Sari Pictures

True and unrelated story: My roommate came home complaining of a sore ass. I half jokingly offered to massage the afflicted area. I was massaging her butt for 20 whole minutes while my Better Half made cake.

The harmony rehearsal was excellent, and I have never been more pumped for surprise endings than I am tonight.

I want to go to sleep but I am trying to stay up to watch the news. Hence me trying to distract myself by uploading photos. It's all about staying awake.

Now for some sari pictures.

Me and some fam looking very, very little. Well, he is little, and I'm 5'2, plus the photographer is tall. I look six years old, I swear.

Not chosen, just posin'.

I've got the Crazy Eye.

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Anonymous said...

You look soooooooooo pretty!