Saturday, September 22, 2007

Country Station

Today's the big day!!

I slept in to a luxuriously late hour, bleached my hair, and am about to start cooking up a massive breakfast. My darling Better Half has been sneaking around suspiciously, googling mysterious things on the laptop and then screaming like a girl when I try to see. Actually, my roommates have been acting similarly.... What are they plotting?

I will leave you with one of my favourite quotes from rehearsal:

Jeff is poking around at his bass amp with a puzzled look on his face...

Joff: What's wrong?

Jeff: Well, the bass just got quieter, and all of a sudden it's playing the radio.

And it's true. His amp played a country station for the entire three hours we rehearsed. It was hilariously distracting.

See you all tonight!


Laura said...

I am so looking forward to this great event.

Be proud of yourself, your music and know that lots of family and friends are supporting you in this wonderful adventure.

break a leg and wow us!

Anonymous said...

I'm just about to leave!



zoom said...

You'll be wonderful! I wish I could be there in more than just spirit.