Monday, October 22, 2007


A bit of an off day, overall.

I had another strange step aerobics experience at lunch. The regular teacher was away, and her replacement was a fifty-something man in short shorts and one of those head sweat band thingys. He kept getting all mixed up and doing the opposite move of what he told us to do. I got so turned around that I eventually sat down, drank some water, and laughed to myself. I very nearly faceplanted into my neighbour's foot at one point. The class was embarrassing for everyone involved.

Then I spent the rest of my day thinking about how my album might never go anywhere, and that I had spent all my money for nothing, and that I was totally fucked. I also thought lovely things like "I am a shit performer" and "I can't write songs" blah blah blah.

I needed somebody to smack me upside the head, obviously, which I'm sure would have happened if the aerobics class had gone on any longer.

Anyways. I have vented to my Better Half, and have calmed down considerably. Independent music, especially independent folk music, is not easy or profitable. I have no misconceptions about that. But it's easy to feel discouraged every now and then. Today was my day. But I will keep on trucking, and maybe someday I will even pay off my credit cards. How cool would that be? Very.

So now I am eating a very late dinner, listening to The Beatles, and waiting for CSI to start so I can turn off my brain. As I sign off, I would like to share the highlight of my day with you. It's called Improv Everywhere. Make sure to check out the video section. It will make you think wonderful things.


M-A said...

Yeah, CSI is great for that, isn't it? I prefer the original one (for its Trio of Hotness), but Miami has even more silliness in it, including my all-time favourite of investigators stomping around sandy crime scenes in their stilletos with their hair blowing all over the place.

Laura said...

Mama said there would days like this...hang in there!For what it is worth, your CD is still in my car and the boys are starting to sing along...perhaps you could have an entire following of 2 and 3 year olds?

Hugs and support!


Wow - it doesn't take long to come down from that don't-have-MS high, does it? I find CSI just plain aggravating. They're at crime scenes in their street clothes and their breasts popping out of their tops and their hair flying everywhere and their thick, thick lip gloss getting smeared on everything. It's a wonder they don't end up arresting themselves.

Andrea SK said...

U.P.! I'm feeling way better today, and still pretty thrilled that I don't have MS... But yeah, it's funny what a bad day can do. Ugh.

As for CSI, the first time I saw it, I was convinced it was a comedy for the same reasons you just outlined. It actually took me a while to figure out that it was a serious show. Now I watch it when I need a good, cheesy laugh. M-A, you know just what I mean.

Thanks for the vote of confidence Laura. Glad your little ones like the music! I've decided to take drum lessons. The next album should be interesting.