Friday, October 19, 2007

No MS For Me

Guess who doesn't have multiple sclerosis? ME!

I do, however, have the coolest chiropractor in the city. I told him about my doctor, who thinks I have MS, and my podiatrist, who thinks I have MS, and then I told him about my symptoms. He responded by saying my symptoms were very typical of someone with a pinched nerve, and proved his point by tapping the nerve, causing my foot to go numb. He grinned, and said, "But all other signs point to MS."

We both laughed. Hoorah.

So aside from needing a bit of therapy to work out whatever is pressing on the nerve, my feet should be fine. Fucking A.

I have to go eat before I get woozy, but I'll close with some pictures of my roomie's new juicer, which is nearly silent and far cooler than the noisy hellraiser she was using before. It shits veggie guts, I swear.


zoom said...

Congratulations on the pinched nerve!

He sounds like a very cool chiropractor.

Andrea SK said...

Thanks! And yes, he is.

He also laughed when I said "motherfucker." A very good sign. Sometimes I forget there are people around and turn into a big ol' trucker.

Evey said...

Ok, I'm sure the juicer is a very handy and useful thing, but that junk looks nasty. excuse me while I never eat vegetable again.

Andrea SK said...

I'm telling ya... Veggie guts. It's not a pretty sight.


Hey, Jerry Seinfeld's wife, jessica is making a living out of veggie guts. Apparantly her and Jerry sit around at night pureeing veggies and bagging them up then they add them to pretty much everything they eat. She's done a cookbook about it and everything -- seriously, she puts this shit in cake and everything. The book's called Deceptively Delicious.

Andrea SK said...

I heard about it!(cough*watchingoprah*cough)

I'm actually all for it. Yes, that shit looks nasty, but she's right... It gets kids to eat veggies, and it makes your meals healthier.

Not that I usually need to sneak veggies into my veggie stir frys, but y'know.