Monday, October 29, 2007

The Girls Won

Dirty pumpkin carving: The girls won.

We have been having this contest for, oh, five or six years now? Sometimes the boys can out-gross us, but this year, we triumphed. I really do want to post pictures, but I somehow doubt that any of you want to see a pumpkin peeing on another pumpkin's face. Unless you do. Sickos.

This weekend was everything I hoped it would be. Long sleeps. Yummy meals. The Big Lebowski. I feel rejuvenated. I even tried writing that country song for my songwriting class, and I didn't do too badly. In fact, I've almost finished it. If it's still listenable on November 9th when I play at Rasputin's, I'll put it in the set.

By the way, you are all invited to Rasputin's on November 9th. It will be a much quieter, much smaller gig than the NAC release business. Which I haven't been paid for, by the way. My Mastercard is crying.

And in other, stranger news, my web site has been going nuts. I have gone from getting a small number of hits a day from across Canada, to getting hundreds of hits a day from around the world. Really. Brazil. Germany. Taiwan. France. Switzerland. Denmark. Netherlands. Vietnam. Mexico. Spain. Czech Republic. Sweden. All over the US.

What gives? They aren't clicking on a link, they are just Googling my name. I don't get it. Am I on some online radio thing? I'm not complaining... Just confused.

Oh. And should you need a truly fabulous movie to watch one evening, rent The History Boys. I freaking loved this movie. And not just because I am a history geek... but more because I love films that brim with humour and sexual tension. I'll be buying this one for sure.



Maybe your website made it to one of those website-of-the-month things? That usually drives traffic up dramatically. And I DO want to see photos of your pumpkins. I think pumpkin art has really gotten smashing over the years.

Tiana said...

CHANTS: "Pumpkin Photos! Pumpkin Photos!"

Maybe people are googling you because of the xpress thing?

stegan said...

It is a very snappy website! I like your sound a lot- keep up the good work!