Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Afternoon Snack

I went to my first nutritional counselling appointment the other day, and my goodness. I'm not sure I've ever had anyone care so much about my bodily functions.

Don't get me wrong; I'm not complaining. I've had my share of ridiculous diagnoses and uncaring medical professionals. It's just that... I'm not used to someone listening when I complain about my health. It caught me off guard. He just looked so interested. So concerned. He made me realize that I have every right to worry, and that I shouldn't feel guilty about asking for answers.

I'm not used to this approach. Last time I tried to ask my doctor the same questions, she said, "One issue per visit."


Anyways. I left with a blood test to do (finger pricking and blood smearing etc. I haven't had the guts to do it yet), and a lengthy questionnaire to fill out. I need to document everything I eat for the next few weeks. Not only that, but I also need to keep track of:

- how much natural light I get

- my daily time spent doing a "relaxing or rejuvenating activity"

- my "quality time spent with loved ones"

- my "time spent being creative in satisfying ways" (I kid you not!)

- what condiments I use (I read that wrong the first time through)

I feel like I have a pretty good diet, but when I got down to it, I'm missing a lot of other stuff. My creative time? Hah. It's the first thing to go these days. A rejuvenating activity? Does looking up videos of bulldogs count? And quality time with loved ones.... Lately, my Better Half studies for mid-terms, and I check my e-mail. Sometimes we check our e-mail together.

It's funny, but after seeing my own answers on paper, I'm inclined to make changes so that I don't look daft when my doctor goes over the results. Yesterday I got fifteen minutes of natural light. What the fuck? How is that even possible? I'll work on it, I promise.

I even brought fruit to work so that I would have something to fill in for "afternoon snack."

I guess putting in "The Toronto Star" doesn't count?



Cheater. You're going to look really healthy on paper and then he'll wonder why you have any problems at all and he'll just think you're crazy and have you committed. Is THAT what you want? Eh? Is it?

See -- honesty is the best policy

Andrea SK said...

Okay, fair enough.

I promise not be make any healthy changes to my life over the next three weeks. I will forget my snacks at home as per my usual routine, and then scarf them down at home. I will avoid sunlight whenever possible. I will favour Blades of Glory over artistic development.

Booo. My routine is boring! I want good snacks! C'mon... I promise not to get too healthy if I can make SOME changes...

Laura said...

It sure is strange when someone takes an interest in your entire being and not just a single ailment or complaint.

Funny how we forget what being healthy involves, it is not just food and exercise.

Good luck!

Anonymous said...

I am amazed. Do you know if there is a Toronto version of this person/organization?


Asteroidea Press said...

Hey! I have that same blood test, but I'm spending the week eating as much damn wheat and cheese as I please - which, let me tell you, is plenty - so that I can see if I actually *am* sensitive to these things.

I cheated by putting all my emails to Shelley in as "quality time with a loved one."

It's nice to have a friend to sympathize with.

Andrea SK said...

Laura: Thanks! It is funny how we view "health" as being a one or two-sided thing. The survey was a wake-up call.

Shawna: The Toronto version of this person is me. In your bed. We'll talk.

Megan: YEAH! I'm eating naughty things too! It's been a little too fun. I'm actually a bit nervous about the finger pricking. It's the fact that I can't see the needle that freaks me out. I just keep putting it off. Good call on the e-mails though... In that case, I spend loads of quality time with my loved ones.


Okay, okay, have your good snacks, make your changes, but maybe you could tell your guy that you were inspired to make these changes as you were keeping the log. I just really, really don't want you to end up in the nut house because I don't think they'll allow you internet there and I'll miss your blog (awwwwwww)

Andrea SK said...

Awwww.... Thanks UP! I promise to tell him that I was inspired to make the changes. You're right... I'd hate to end up in the nut house without my precious internet and blogs. Actually, take away my internet and blogs and I might just end up there anyway.