Thursday, November 22, 2007

Angry Person

I am not really an angry person.

Yeah, I can get fiery every now and then, but I am much more inclined to ignore things that piss me off rather than fly off the handle.

Today, however, a whole mess of things are making me see red. News that Ottawa might lose its downtown concert hall before it's even built? Makes me mad. The continued stupidity surrounding Somerset House that keeps our main street closed to traffic? Makes me mad. The fact that Burt's Bees was just bought by Clorox? Grrrrrrr. And the fact that Saudi Arabia just sentenced a woman who was gang raped to six months in jail and 200 lashes? What the fucking hell, Saudi Arabia??

Whew. Sorry folks. I needed to vent. Isn't it funny that I spent years studying media, and now all it makes me want to do is gauge out my eyes? Haha. Hahaha.

In far better news, although I joked that I would like to be put in charge of champagne at the party last night, I actually was in charge of champagne.

Me. In charge of pouring champagne. Let's take a moment to picture that.

I opened 37 bottles of it, and I would tell you how much I drank, but I lost track. It was a good evening overall, and amazingly, it made me miss retail. The pay is shit, but you are surrounded by pretty things, you get to talk to interesting people, and get to open 37 bottles of champagne when your bosses throw a Christmas party! Huzzah! My Better Half was working with me, so it was nice to make little kissy faces at each other when nobody was looking. I also like to watch him work, and apparently so did every man and woman there. I'm amazed he didn't get his ass groped all night, although he probably got drooled on more than once. He is one fine man.

Well that helped! Talking about my BH's ass made me a little less angry. I almost feel... Relaxed.

I must remember this trick next time I watch the news.


A. & J. said...

Sounds like a good party. Where did you used to work?


Burt's Bees was bought by Clorox. Scheiss. I'd better buy up all the old stock.

And hey -- I understand the Saudis are our friends now, so they can't be doing anything wrong, can they? They're helping us fight the bad guys right?? I don't really know who's who anymore -- I lost my program.

Andrea SK said...

A & J: At a specialty paper and card shop... A dangerous place for crafty people!

UP (or CC?): Stock up on Burt's for sure. I don't trust Clorox one bit. I'm getting myself a year's worth of lip balm!

Anonymous said...

It shouldn't be too hard to get that boy's ass on the news.



Ya, I like the lip balm, but I'm actually liking the Eco Lips balm even more - it's not as pasty/hard as BB and it's a bit shiny, so it's kind of nice. And completely organic and unflavoured, cruelty free, no GMO, blah, blah