Friday, November 23, 2007

The Foot Post

I haven't really talked about my feet much lately, and since nothing spells excitement like serious foot problems, I'll fill you in. Stay calm now... Don't get too wild! There's enough feet for everyone!

In case you are new to this blog, my feet started going numb last April. It started with my toes and spread to both my feet. I went to India in May and when I came back, they were numb constantly. My (lame) doctor and my (stupid) podiatrist decided I might have multiple sclerosis. I went to a chiropractor who said no, I don't have MS, I have a pinched nerve. So I started therapy, and here I am today.

Since therapy started, the numbness has decreased considerably. I rarely get tingly unless I jump off a bus or go on my tip toes to reach something from the cupboard.* This is great! HOWEVER... The numbness has been replaced by an ice cold feeling. Instead of my usual numb ache, my feet randomly feel like I have just dropped ice water on them. It comes suddenly, and leaves just as quickly. And I don't think my feet are actually cold... They just feel that way for a minute here or there.


I told this to my chiropractor and he furrowed his brow. He said this wasn't entirely a bad thing. Before, my nerve was so pinched that it was shutting down (hence the numbness). Now it's less pinched, but it's being pressured enough to fuck up my feelings of warmth and cold in my feet. Shitty, but at least I can feel!

So he's started doing these weird stretches on my feet to free up that nerve. And holy hell, it hurts.


Him: I'm just going to stretch out some areas on your foot that might be controlling this cold sensation of yours.

Me: Okay!

Him: (painful stretching)


Him: What about this one?


Him: And this?

Me: Yyyaaooooooowww ow ow ow! THE FEELINGS ARE BAD!

Him: I see.

Me: If you do those things to a normal person, does it hurt them too?

Him: Uh, well, no.

So anyway, the saga continues. Who knew feet could be so dramatic?

My Better Half and I are having a hot date night tonight, which is cool for two reasons. One, I love my partner and I love having hot dates with him. Two, now I will have something to write down in the "spending quality time relating with loved ones" section of my nutritional chart. Lately I've been stretching my limits, and putting down vague things such as "going to the store" and "talking to my friend" and "making dinner."

It will be nice to have a real live date to write about.

*I do this all the time... I am woefully short. I have to get strangers in the grocery store to reach things for me. My housemate thought this was so funny that she nearly shot juice out her nose when I told her.

**This is all I could think of to say. I didn't want to say "stop!" or "that feels great" or "fuck you!" So I said "bad feelings." It was true, after all.



Have they checked you out for Tunnel Syndrome?

Andrea SK said...

No... But I just looked it up, and it's certainly worth checking out. A lot of the symptoms are the same, except that the area where I get most numb is the top of my foot. Still... I'll bring it up at my next session! Thanks!