Tuesday, November 06, 2007

Baby Poop

I think today was going fine until I tried to get home.

All I wanted to do was pick up some groceries and catch a bus to my house. When I catch the right bus, it takes me about 15 minutes from downtown to my front door.

Today it took an hour and a half.

Apparently there was a fire that severely congested traffic on Bronson and Bank. I spent an hour on a crowded bus until I made the jump and decided to walk it home with all my groceries. That took an extra half hour, but it was worth it, because I left my bus in the dust.

I got home, sore and freezing, to a bit of stress going down in the kitchen. No worries, but I'm not about to start dinner in the middle of that. Okay.

So now I'm upstairs, feeling a little worried about this gig on Friday, because I think everyone and their dog is busy or out of town. I can tell myself that playing to an empty room builds character, but it also builds anxiety, and I don't think I'm in the mood for anxiety tonight.

What to do? I'm marooned upstairs until things calm down, but I'm hungry and tired and I should have been home two hours ago. I guess I could watch Harry Potter on my laptop and piddle around on the internets. My Better Half is off playing with newborn babies and likely getting pooped on. I think I would take the babies over being stuck up here.

Sorry to be such a downer folks, but it's just one of those days.

Although, granted, picturing my BH covered in baby poop brought a little smile to my face.

PS -

You know what would really bring a smile to my face? If you haven't done so already, vote in the Ottawa XPress "Best of Ottawa" poll. I'm nominated under "best new musical act" and "best folk album." While I'm not holding my breath (and the other nominees are amazing), I might as well give it a try while I can. The deadline for voting is tomorrow night!


Tiana said...

Bummer - I wanted to come see your show but I AM out of town on Friday! WEDDINGS! First I miss Ted Leo, now this AND Joel Plaskett in one weekend!

A. & J. said...

Andrea, where is your show on Friday? What end of town too?

Andrea SK said...

Tiana: No worries.... After going to five weddings this summer, I am quite sympathetic on that front!

A&J: It's at Rasputin's Folk Cafe, 696 Bronson Ave. 8pm, $9. The cafe is at Bronson and Carling!

Anonymous said...

Don't mix brownies and baby poop. Just don't.

I have told some Ottawa pals from days of yore about your gig. They better damn go.

love Shawna