Monday, November 19, 2007


Although I'm awake, showered and full of tea, I want nothing more than to be back in bed. Luckily I have something fabulous to keep me going today.

My old friend Bernie, who I haven't seen in seven or eight years, posted pictures of his new English bulldog puppy on Facebook last week. Now, I have my complaints about Facebook, but if it brings me bulldog puppies, I'll keep my bitching to myself. Bernie is coming over tonight with his pup so that my Better Half and I can poke at his little rolls (the dog's, not Bernie's - at least that's the plan).

As you can tell, I might be waffling on my decision to get a French bulldog in favour of its larger, droolier, fatter cousin. I don't know why bulldogs appeal to me so much, but I've decided not to question it. I've never been much of a dog person, and I have a record of getting attacked by larger dogs when I'm on my own. I've tried to come up with a good explanation for this phenomenon, but no such luck. I think I get nervous around big aggressive dogs, they sense it, and then they try to eat me.* If it didn't freak me out so much, it would be comical. I see a larger dog, I try to keep calm and walk past, and I get either chased, snapped at, or lunged at. It's like a guarantee, albeit a really shitty one. I got cornered once by two big dogs in a park while their owners were off smoking. Five minutes passed before they noticed that their dogs were trying to devour me.

It was not awesome. If I hadn't been so scared, I would have told them where to shove their cigarettes.

Anyway, I feel nothing but love for bulldogs, so I'm going to run with it and see if an English bulldog is my soul puppy. It's kind of ridiculous for me to be this excited, especially since I might have to wait another year or two before I can get one of my own, but oh well. I can't turn down an offer to play with a bullie. I can't wait.

Not sure what English bulldogs are like? Let me introduce you to Sam. There's a whole series to watch, and I highly guarantee them all. Especially this one.

* I have met many sweet big dogs too, and we get along fine. It's really only the tough ones that seem to think I'm meat.


Laura said...

What a cute dog! Have a great visit. Who knows, Santa may hear about your Bulldog desires! That is how I got my British Blue Cream Torti cat!


I find that pets are so much more adorable in theory than they are in real life. It's amazing how you can spend years thinking through the decision to adopt a pet,and believing you are going into it with your eyes wide open, but when they actually arrive in your life they pretty much take over your whole friggin' life. I adore my kitty and everything, but wow, he's a lot of work... So, I'm just saying, you know...a puppy vs. life as you know it.

Andrea SK said...

A very good point, of course...

And man oh man have I ever been warned about it! I was surprised at how many of my dog-owning friends warned against getting a dog when I told them what I had in mind. I have no doubt it will be a fuckload of work, but that's okay. That's also why it's probably a good thing that I can't get one for another year or two. Oddly though, my cats have always been pretty independent. The craziest thing I've had to do was cut the latest one out of an accordion case.

Laura... You got a kitty for Christmas? How great would that be??

Aggie said...

I totally understand the excitement! I almost bought a pair of basset hound puppies at Billings Bridge a while back-- but my better sense prevented me. I still am convinced that I will have a basset hound puppy someday when my life is slightly more stable.
Have fun meeting the wee bully!

Andrea SK said...

My future bullie and your future basset hounds could be great friends. They can tell their dog buddies, "We met online... Really!"