Tuesday, November 20, 2007


I wish that I hadn't been so sleepy last night. I wanted very much to upload my puppy photos so you can see what I'm babbling about. Tonight, I swear.

Needless to say, the bulldog visit was a success. Little Odoyle (yup, as in "Odoyle rules!") arrived at my house just in time for dinner. Bulldog puppies have pretty weak back legs, so he had trouble lifting himself over the front step and into the house. Bernie brought him in, and Odoyle started exploring the new digs.

He spent the rest of the night being adorable, and I'll save you the gaga talk, but holy shit he is one cute dog. He didn't poo on the floor, which is awesome, but he did spend much of the night farting little puppy farts. Bernie said it was because he was starting to eat new dog food, but it didn't really matter. Puppies can get away with anything.

Amazingly, he was very calm all night and didn't get too excited... Until we got a surprise visit from a young female husky. Then Odoyle fell in love, hardcore, and set about annoying the fuck out of Hudson. He would get all up in her face, and she would smack him in the head, like "Puppy, don't even start with me."He would come back for more, jumping up at her, getting under her feet, and SMACK, down goes Odoyle. At one point he started humping the air, and yes, I got it on video. I will try my darndest to upload it for the love of all things funny.

The visit was great for two reasons. One, I got to hang out with the kind of dog I'd love to have someday. Now I know that, beyond the Youtube videos, I will love having a bulldog. Two, I got to see my friend Bernie turn into a mom. Every second of the visit, Bernie was keeping tabs on Odoyle, taking mystery objects out of his mouth, and keeping him amused with a little pink octopus toy. Watching a tough-looking dude like Bernie talk baby talk and wave around a pink octopus made me see just how much energy it would take to get a dog. But I'm still sold. Maybe not until summer, or next year, but Odoyle needs a little bulldog friend to hang out with. And I could use an excuse to get more active. I think protecting my floors from dog poo is a good motivation to get outside.

Stay tuned for puppy pictures! (And potential video of air humping)



If I promise not to poo on your floors can I come for a visit some time? I will also refrain from farting and/or humping. And, i'll bring my own chewies

Andrea SK said...

As long as there is no pooing and farting, you are welcome any time. And it's best that you bring your own chewies, because Odoyle was chomping on a bull testicle snack the whole night.


Evey said...

The bullwinkle? Dogs LOVE those things. Wierdly. They are such a creepy concept to me. Dogs chewing on bull penises...