Friday, November 30, 2007

The End

It's the last day of nablopomo, and, go figure, I'm in a rush. Booo for sleeping in.

So although this won't be a long post, I'd like to reassure anyone who likes the daily posting: Don't fret. I'll still be posting all the time. Besides, I have some shows coming up in January and February (Rainbow, Black Sheep Inn and Rasputin's... Who's in?), not to mention a dream of owning a chubby bulldog sometime this summer. Where else would I babble about these things but here?

Like a gift to me at the end of my daily blogging experiment, my Better Half delivered a great line in his sleep this morning.

Me: Do you have class today?

BH (sleeping): Mmmmmmnnn.

Me: Do you need to get up?

BH: Fishermen.

Me: Sorry?


Me: Are you dreaming about Life Aquatic again?

BH: (starts to snore)


Jo Stockton said...

My man of science talks in his sleep too, though the most common thing he says is "Yes." and "Mmm hmmm." in very definite tones. He is quite affirmative while sleeping.


Yipee - good for you for 30 days of wonderful blog stuff and I'm looking forward to many, many more. I'd also like to catch one of your shows sometime if it's not too late at night because I usually fall asleep after 10:00 no matter what I'm doing. Sad really. Maybe during the holidays?

Andrea SK said...

Jo: Perhaps you should ask him hilarious questions? Just for kicks? (Do you love [insert something gross]? YES!) My questions aren't even that funny, and I still get the best answers.

UP: It would be great to see you at a show! The early shows are at Rasputin's. A lot of them are done by 10pm. Most of the other ones start at 10pm, so nix those!