Saturday, December 01, 2007

Best Lunch Ever

I braved the cold and headed down to the organic farmer's market this morning with my roommate.

I didn't realize Ottawa had a market that stayed open all winter! It's right behind Canadian Tire on Heron, and it runs every Saturday until 1pm. I stocked up on tasty treats like this veggie sushi, which I am already trying to turn into a recipe. Instead of rice, you use cashew and sesame paste. I know this sounds odd, but it's really fucking yummy. Plus sushi rice involves a bit of preparation, so if I have an alternative, I might actually make it more often.

I've had a pesky headache all day, which is a bummer, because I am having an old high school friend over for dinner tonight. I will have to just ignore the headache and be as charming as I can manage. It's hard to be charming when your head is pounding, but damnit, I will do my best. She has had two babies since high school! Two! Babies! I have lots of experience with the friends-buying-houses thing and the friends-getting-married thing, but not a whole lot of babies yet. It will be nice to hear about what I've missed.

The headache is starting to talk through me now. I can feel it creeping out my fingers. I should stop while I'm ahead, or I might start writing in tongues.

Happy Saturday!

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