Monday, November 12, 2007

Holiday Monday

Because I was all riled up from the conference, I forgot to talk about Friday's gig! (Thanks for reminding me, Shawna)

It went very well, and far more people showed up than I had anticipated. It was good to be back at Rasputin's, which is the very place that gave me my start in songwriting-type-music. Dean, the owner, is a total character, and it was fun to catch up with him again. He is also a former boss of mine, because I have worked everywhere in Ottawa. Ora played beautifully, and I loved hearing about her touring adventures. She is a braver gal than me.

Afterwards, my Better Half went to a pub with our good friends so we could pretend we still have a nightlife. It was great to be out and about. I was exhausted, but I was social, and that's what matters. And, predictably, my best friend and I got so tipsy that we sauntered into the ladies room and took pictures of each other's boobs. I think we scared the two other girls in there, who at one point asked, "Are you guys trading shirts?" How sweet. She thought we were trading shirts. You can imagine my booze-filled answer.

At any rate, I have today off, so I filled up every minute with an appointment or a chore. I'm behind on everything. Serves me right.


Evey said...

Rasputin's eh... ever heard of a banjo player named Paul who used to hang out there sometimes?

Andrea SK said...

Not offhand, unless you mean Paul Ross? My old banjo teacher runs the old timey night there, but I haven't been in a while.

A. & J. said...


boobie pictures.. You're only human! Have fun :)

Tiana said...

The boobs were definitely being whipped out this weekend!