Thursday, November 01, 2007


The name might be confusing, but NaBloPoMo is a good excuse to keep things regular, so to speak. I'll be posting every day for the month of November, providing my computer doesn't implode.

I wasn't clever enough to come up with a theme, but I have a feeling I'll have plenty to dredge up over the next few weeks. However, if you are curious about anything, feel free to ask me a question or two. If not, you're stuck with whatever pops into my mind. HAH.

Let's start the month with a particularly amusing conversation I just had.

Conversation with Ottawa's Coolest Chiropractor

Me: My feet are fucked.

Him, after a long pause: Is that your professional opinion?

Me: Yes. I am a professional, and that is my opinion.

Him: I see.

(He proceeds to press my foot in a way that makes me squeal with pain. I try not to swear, and instead say...)

Me: Chocolate cake!

Him: Mmmm, chocolate cake. I should start using that as part of my therapy.

Me: It would certainly help with the fucking pain.

Him: Mmmmm. Chocolate cake.



Hail, fellow NaBloPoMo person. I have a topic I, as a newcomer to Ottawa, would like you to discuss. What are your favorite/recommended vegetarian/vegan eateries in Ottawa? I know it's not a very universal topic, but perhaps other Ottawans may be interested and/or contribute. I've seen the Ottawa Veg list, but I'm more interested in your opinion and what you think makes said eatery(s) a good choice. Thanks

Andrea SK said...

That's a great question! I will write a nice long post about that one. Whether someone is a vegetarian or not, it's always nice to know where you can get a healthy meal around town. Given my food obsession, I think it's a perfect topic.

Thanks, UP!