Tuesday, December 25, 2007


Aaaah, Christmas is fun.

I bunked at my parent's house last night so we could enjoy an old school Christmas. Also, my Better Half worked yesterday, today, and he works tomorrow, so it made sense for me to not hang around at my house. It would be lonely, and I would spend most of my time text messaging him dirty/festive things.

I slept in my old bedroom, which has since been converted into an office of sorts. My ceiling is the same though, and that's all that matters. It's a night sky with glow-in-the-dark stars all over it. I painted it with my mom when I was in grade seven. Trippy, but also kinda cool. I must have been an odd kid.

There was much visiting to be had. I have some friends visiting from far far away, which is always a treat, because we rarely get to catch up in person. There was even some Canada-to-Japan cyber visiting for those who couldn't make the trip back.

That lovely lady sent me the best Japanese wrapping paper I've ever seen:

HAH! That is the ultimate paranoid catchphrase ever. I nearly peed myself I laughed so hard. Maybe it just speaks to me on a deeper level.... I mean, this could well be my unconscious mental soundtrack.

Otherwise, I made sure I did all of the good stuff. Hanging out with my cat? Endless fun. I think that Christmas is her favourite time of year, simply because she has so much tissue paper to muck around in. And all those empty boxes are paradise to a kitty. Then there's that whole business of a turkey....

Isn't she intense?

I also loved spending extra time with my parents. They live in Ottawa, so we see each other fairly often. Still, hearing my dad tipsily mourn the fact that we weren't talking about Jesus enough (he's Jewish) was priceless. My folks, my little sister, my Bubbi, my BH and I made a ginormous brunch and ate our hearts out. This is where I started indulging in a bit of sugar and booze. We also ate a ginormous dinner, where I really started to overdo it with sugar and booze. And dairy. Ouch. Now my mouth is swollen and bloody, and I am wondering why I can't just say "no" to things that make me hurt. Booo to mouth/tummy pain.

Regardless, my day was lovely. I spent time with friends and family, ate a fuckload of food, and now can watch Christmas movies and knit in peace. Happy celebrating! May your mouth not bleed.


Anonymous said...

I'm back in Toronto, I LOVE that wrapping paper, I remember that ceiling, and I loathe bleeding mouths.

I'm sorry my forays (Faur├ęs??) into your life these past few days were so brief, but I was rushed and distracted. Better visits will come.


Andrea SK said...

Seeing you for a couple of hours is better than nothing at all! It's my turn to come visit next. I'll work on that.