Thursday, December 27, 2007

Skeleton Keys

In a strange twist of fate, I have today off. I was supposed to be at a family reunion, but the logistics didn't work out, and now I am thrilled to say that I am doing jack shit and loving it.

Last night I was at Irene's with an old bandmate who is now living in the US. When we walked in, we saw a huge table of people we knew and joined them. I looked to my left and saw another table of people we knew, and wandered over to catch up. We looked back at the pool tables and realized that we knew everyone there too. Our entire high school graduating class? They were at Irene's last night. Some were in from Israel, Boston, London, Calgary... And we all managed to congregate in the same pub. I haven't seen a lot of those people since we actually graduated, so there was a lot to talk about. Some of our former teachers were there too.


I decided at some point yesterday that I wanted to start collecting skeleton keys. Did you know that you can order whole collections of skeleton keys off eBay? I haven't done it yet, because I'm broke and ordering decrepit keys from somewhere in the southern States is not a huge priority, but I'm thinking about it more and more. Can you picture it? You'd come over for tea and I'd whip out my key collection? I could be the crazy key lady.

I'm off to the in-laws' shortly for gift exchanging and other fun stuff. I have made a pledge with myself to not eat any more sugar. The pain just isn't worth it.


Flowers On A Friday said...

skeleton keys...sounds fantastic!

what would you open with them?

Andrea SK said...

Oh, you know... Hearts.

Also, I would like to make necklaces out of them. And perhaps frame them and put them up as art. So many options!

stegan said...

Or you could just buy one key and take pictures of it trying to open locks in different places. :)

Andrea SK said...

I got one!!! First of the collection. I'll post about it soon.