Monday, December 03, 2007

Cookie Party, Destroyed Scarf, Flu

The cookie party was excellent. How could it not be? It contained the words "cookie" and "party." Am I right?

My cookies are on the left in the round tupperware - they are the ugly squat ones that are a leeeetle too brown in the bottom. Luckily they were delicious, and they really did taste like eggnog. Maybe I'm not a bad baker per se... Just bad at making my baked goods look yummy. As you can see, all the other cookies looked amazing. Mine were like the misfits at the beauty pageant.

This was on the bathroom mirror at my friend's apartment. I like the idea of writing something encouraging on your mirror. Especially when you have a habit of getting a little too excited with a good pair of scissors.

I have ruined my scarf. This is a scarf I started last March, and then lost. My Better Half found it yesterday, and because I had taught myself to cast off via the internets, I dove in to finish it. Too bad I hadn't left myself enough yarn to cast off with. I ran out halfway through, cut off some of the tail, tied it on, tried to finish it, still ran out, and then the knot came undone. I have three stitches left, and damnit, I'm going to sew them together with a needle and thread. Fuckity fuck fuck (My spell check tells me that "fuckity" isn't a word. It obviously doesn't get out much).

My BH has the flu, and I am in the process of catching it. We have taken the day off to make each other better. Looks like we picked the perfect day to get sick, because it snowed buckets overnight. I don't like busing to work in this weather. Every corner is like a carnival ride. Bumper cars, but with buses and sidewalks.

Hope you are all keeping healthy.


Jessica said...

How are you both feeling now?

I caught the strangest 24-hour bug, that had me bed-ridden, and then all of a sudden I felt fine.

There are some odd sicknesses floating around right now!

Andrea SK said...

I feel like ass because of the lack of sleep thing, but my cold is gone. He is still hoarse and coughy. You're lucky yours went away so fast!