Monday, January 28, 2008

All The Way Home

Yesterday was a really excellent Sunday.

My Bubbi called me to say that she had heard me on the radio, as did my folks and some other good friends. My Better Half and I decided to celebrate by going out for brunch (a real date! yesss!) but seeing as how Sunday brunch is the thing to do, all our regular places were full. We headed down to the Buzz to try out their brunch menu, and I had a very unsatisfactory filo egg arugula thingy with a very tasty side of potatoes. It all evens out. I would go back for the basic breakfast and a lychee martini. Perhaps not at the same time. But maybe.

Because we had borrowed a car, we went out and bought insane amounts of toilet paper, laundry detergent, and dish soap. These are all things I hate to carry on a bus or walk home with, no matter how desperate I am. I'm relieved that we stocked up. No more pulled arm muscles for me!

Later, I headed to Heather's house for dinner, beer, and buying out the contents of a stranger's apartment. Someone across the hall was moving away, and was selling literally everything in her home. It was a little weird to wander through her place, looking at the price tags and deciding what to buy... Still, I scored, and walked out of there with a cooler, a camping jug and a never-used tent for $30. Not bad. Heather and I made a colourful financial planning chart over plates of pumpkin ravioli. We drank Stella and picked out colour schemes. We listened to Masia One, who I love, and should have been listening to sooner.

I walked to my house, a little too late at night, blasting Talib Kweli and making mental lists. Need skates. Must organize filing cabinet. Would like a bath. Overdue for Ethiopian food. Need pyrex tupperware.

All the way home.

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Laura said...

Your mind never stops!!!

Tag your it...thought I would give you a head start on your next CD release...