Saturday, January 26, 2008

Storm Trooper Dance

They played it! They played the song!!!

I can't even tell you how much I was squealing, and then beaming, and then alternating just for fun. I'm not sure how to explain this, but for those of you who listened - didn't Stuart McLean say my name nicely? He put the emphasis right where it needed to be, articulated it perfectly, and said it with such warmth that I felt like we were old pals. We're not, of course, but I really believed that we were for about five seconds. Mind you, he could read a math textbook and make it sound good. I'd be on the edge of my seat, wondering WHAT WILL THE FRACTIONS DO NEXT?!?

What a cool way to start the day.

Last night's show was extremely fun. Late, yes, because I crawled into bed at around 3am, but still fun. The set went pretty well, and we even had some drunken dancers in front of the stage. When you can break out the moves to a slow banjo song, you know you've had one too many.

I did notice something when I was playing, though. I think I need to be louder. Not my voice, because I can project that sucker like a pro, but my playing. Aside from needing a new banjo pickup, I think I need an electric guitar. I KNOW. For someone who was raised playing folk guitar, this is quite a change for me. But I just feel it. Like it's something I need to try. I'm thinking some sort of hollow body Epiphone, but I guess we'll see what catches my eye (and my ear). No better time to buy a guitar than when you're wallowing in debt. Heh.

After my set, I joined up with my housemate who was celebrating her birthday. Drunkenly. I tried to catch up, throwing back caesars and screwdrivers as best I could, but I was no where near as drunk as she was. What I lacked in drunk, though, I made up for in enthusiasm. We broke out pretty much every 80s and 90s dance move you can imagine. I tried to make a list afterwards, but I can barely read it today, and we made up the names of most of the moves anyway. Still, I will list them here for your viewing pleasure:

- the robot
- the shopping cart
- the white girl humping dance
- the Jewish girl variation (that would be me, failing at the white girl humping dance)
- the running man
- the praying mantis
- the head swerve (and clap!)
- the grapevine
- the twist
- the sprinkler (a personal favourite of mine)
- the Maui hoopla
- the Elaine
- the storm trooper

Or, to make it easier, this was how we danced at the start of the night, this was how we danced during the middle, and this was at about 2:15am.

I think I'll spend the rest of the day cleaning the house, and grinning about how Stuart McLean said my name three whole times. Like he meant it.


zoom said...

Great post! I'm still laughing!

Laura said...

You crack me up!!!

Glad the show went well. So happy you are getting play-time!

I tell you - you are going to be a touring, banjo-picking blogging idol in no time...if you are not already there my friend!

M-A said...

But what about the MACARENA???

Andrea SK said...

OMG... How could we forget the Macarena???

Jessica said...

I would listen to Stuart McLean read the phone book — twice!

Glad to hear the show was a success!